Форд Куга екатеринбург официальный дилер цены

Форд Куга екатеринбург официальный дилер цены

2016 Ford Kuga review

Kuga was first launched by Ford in 2007. After thorough research into the European market demands, Ford’s European section had decided to re-launch this SUV as an updated model, to be referred to as 2016 Ford Kuga.В статье рассказывается про Форд Куга екатеринбург официальный дилер цены, составленое из мнения и опыта автовладельцев. Changes would be technical as well as cosmetic. There would be more variations and choices for consumers, there’ll be better scope for customization and as a whole, it will come with an all new control system. The SUV as such would be a completely new model, outdoing its old features and striving towards improvement.

2016 Ford Kuga: Redesign Exterior and Interior

2016 Ford Kuga will have a change in its dimensions. Its length is to become 185 inches and it would acquire a height of 111 inches. As a result of these changed dimensions, there would be a corresponding change in the length of its chassis which is to become longer. Wheels used would be strong with a 73 inches wheelbase. The car on the whole has acquired an enticing and masculine look. Several other changes have been introduced in its front end. This includes a renovated fascia and a smaller chrome grille which does not support much air intake.

A huge air dam is situated exactly beneath this grille in order to make up for its lacking air intake capacity. The LED headlights have been reshaped to go with the overall appearance of this updated SUV. Kuga is now going to come with 10 distinct color options including shades of red, grey, silver, blue and white.

2016 Ford Kuga, the five-doored SUV has sufficient space for 8 adults to fit in.Свежие новости про Форд Куга екатеринбург официальный дилер цены Вы сможете прочесть на нашем сайте в ближайшее время. Seats made of fine leather provide ultimate comfort. Legroom and Headroom available might not be adequate for people who are very tall. But since the seats are adjustable and come with lateral support provided by its lumbar spine, passengers can easily adapt and would not have to face any kind of discomfort. This 2016 Ford Kuga also features a sunroof for the first time. Control panel of this SUV comprises of a giant touch screen, stereo/audio system, navigation system, and Smartphone/iPhone connectivity. Therefore, it adequately caters to standard comfort as well as infotainment needs of consumers.

2016 Ford Kuga: Engine Options

Two engines would be powering this upcoming 2016 Ford Kuga, and they would either be a 1.6 lt. EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine producing 180 HP and torque of 177 lb-ft or another optional engine would be a diesel engine of 2.0 lt. and that would pump up to 161 HP and 251 lb-ft torque. Measures have been taken to reduce Carbon Dioxide emission by this SUV, and it is going to be more eco-friendly. Mileage provided by the 1.6lt. Engine would be 30 mpg (combined) and 2.0lt engine would serve approximately 37 mpg.

Форд Куга екатеринбург официальный дилер цены

2016 Ford Kuga: Release Date and Price

2016 Ford Kuga will be available in market in the second half of 2016. Price for this SUV’s base version will reduce from its previous one, and estimations say it will be something like $ 28 900. Price for high-end versions will be much higher and might reach $ 47 000.

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